"Kim’s expertise in high-impact communication and presentation skills combined with her strength as an executive coach is a win-win combination. Her sound advice to organizations, leaders and individuals on how to communicate simply and with power is second to none! Kim skillfully helps leaders clearly articulate ideas and initiatives, which leads to acceleration of the achievement of the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. She is unique in that she includes coaching for 'leadership presence' in her work, recognizing that a way an executive presents himself or herself is as critical as the message."
Harriett Porter
Manager, Deloitte
"If you want to work with a leadership advisor who has both a broad and deep set of experiences and skills, and also has the professionalism and polish required to navigate complex organizations, I highly recommend Kim's work. She is outstanding at what she does."
Andrew Neitlich
Founder and Principal, Center for Executive Coaching​
"I am impressed by Kim’s insight, her calm presence, her impact, her knowledge of the industry and her strategic vision. I would recommend Kim without hesitation as a coach or advisor to C-suite leaders."
Annie Framand
Senior Consultant, Development Dimensions International
"Kim has an impressive personal presence and a keen understanding of what drives professionals to achieve excellence. With her extensive experience in Corporate America, Kim is a tremendous resource for leadership development. This area of outstanding competence allows her to assist others in such a flawless manner that learning and growth is a given. If you are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Kim, don’t hesitate. Take it!"
Donna Karlin
Founder and Principal, No Ceiling, Just Sky™ Institute
"Kim is a dedicated, results oriented executive who gets things done. She is a consummate team player who doesn't worry about who gets credit but rather concentrates on how to do the right things the right way. I would work with Kim anytime anywhere, as she is a trustworthy, hardworking professional with strong ethics and convictions."
Eddie Pasatiempo
Chief Client Officer, Thomson Reuters
"Kim is a born leader and strategist! She brings exceptional creative problem solving, genuine team building, compassion and most of all strategic talents to any team. She is CLASS!"
Deanna Fulton
Director Marketing Communications, Advanced Radio Telecom
"Kim has the exceptional ability to make progress on objectives in the midst of high-speed change and organizational turbulence. Exceptionally professional in her approach to problem-solving, she is an excellent facilitator who manages to unite people behind strategies and values."
Bob Mendonsa
President, HRD Fusion
"Focused on team building and gifted with outstanding communication. Kim’s talents are multi-faceted and results driven. Highly professional, poised and confident she is to be considered the “Secret Weapon” to any progressive organization."
Patricia Abad
Director of Sales, Consolidated Smart Systems
"Kim is a great leader and a strong manager who cares deeply about her people and success of her team. Her communications are clear and direct, while always tactful and respectful. She is able to put diverse teams together and foster productive collaboration that drives results. Kim approaches projects with realism and common sense that help teams focus and do more with less. Also, in addition to her professionalism and great expertise, she is simply a wonderful person to be around. Her creative mind, great intelligence, respect for coworkers, management, direct reports, and especially partners and customers are truly inspiring."
Irina Menn
CEO, Hopela
"Kim is a true professional. She helped our company with a go to market strategy for a product we developed and were in the process of launching. Her insight, guidance and knowledge in sales and marketing helped us strategize, plan and execute a go to market with confidence."
Sean Panter
Co-Founder, Fidelity Factory